Register of International Business Companies with Insurance Licenses

The active companies below may be available to purchase.

All insurance and re-insurance licenses are regulated and issued by the Anjouan Finance Authority.

Name of companyCompany numberLicense numberDate of incorporationStatus
Klapton Insurance Company Ltd2001L 20013/1/05Active
Trans Pacific Insurance Group Corp2002L 200214/2/06Suspended
Greyhound Insurance Ltd2018L 201818/6/06Closed
American Indemnity Group SARL12794L12794 / AID22/5/10Closed
CIC Financial Holdings SA12761L 12761 / CIC15/8/14Closed
Trident General Insurance SA12762L 16762 / TGI18/8/14Closed
Silver Sea Insurance Group Ltd81614L 81614 / SSI8/1/15Active
Pacific West Insurance Ltd76219L 76219 / PWI16/5/16Active
Unigroup Insurance Ltd79214L 79214 / UIL18/8/17Active
Allied Insurance Group Ltd69614L 69614 / AIG18/10/18Active
White Plains Insurance Ltd69214L 69214 / WPI16/6/18Active
Solid Reinsurance Ltd20219L 20219 / SRL07/07/2020Suspended
Royal Chartered Insurance20491L 20491 / RCI28/12/2020Active
Select Insurance Group Ltd2191621916 / SIG09/11/2021Active
Imperial Insurance Group Ltd2128521285 / IIG22/12/2021Active