Register of International Business Companies with Gaming Licenses

The active companies below may be available to purchase.

All gaming licenses are regulated and issued by the Anjouan Finance Authority

Name of companyCompany numberLicense numberDate of incorporationStatus
Slotland Entertainment Ltd2001L 200112/9/05Active
Angora Gaming Ltd1166L 116630/9/07Closed
Jetball Ltd2101L 210120/1/09Closed
X L Ventures Ltd12659L 1265912/1/09Closed
6 Gun Gaming Ltd72463L 7246329/12/10Closed
Winonsky International Ltd12645L 126456/7/11Closed
ME City Ltd10749L 1074912/1/12Closed
Play My Game Ltd87796L 8779614/8/18Active
Ace High Casino77750L 7775018/12/18Active
Pingo Gaming21119L 21119 / PG03/08/2021Active
Top Hat Gaming Ltd21994L 21994 / THG16/09/2021Active
Clapback Gaming Ltd21114L 21114 / CGL18/11/2021Active
HMS Gaming Ltd19179L 19179 / HMS9/16/2019Active
High Tec Gaming Ltd20291L 20291 / HTG06/04/2020Active
Casino Double Ltd20712L 20712 / CDL08/11/2020Active
Game Play Ltd21222L 21222 / GPL09/04/2021Active