Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Anjouan?

Anjouan is an island forming part of the Comoros Islands, a group of islands in the Mozambique Channel, about two-thirds of the way between northern Madagascar and northern Mozambique.

When was the Offshore Financial Authority?

The offshore centre was established in July 2003 however the autonomous government of Anjouan created a new set of legislation, which was passed through parliament. The Offshore Finance Authority Act was established in January 2005 which has been granted powers to regulate all offshore activity on the island of Anjouan.

How long does it take to obtain a license?

A License can be issued to an IBC 3/4 weeks from receiving all the relevant, fully completed application forms, certified passport/driving license/personal identification card, Bank/Lawyer/Accountant reference and Proof of address and after all due diligence has been completed and accepted. (Subject to status)

How does one apply for banking/gaming/insurance licenses?

Application forms can be obtained by sending an email to, upon receiving a request email, an application form will be sent out immediately.
or click here

What documents are required to incorporate an International Business Company (IBC)?

A completed application form
A certified passport/driving licence//personal identification with picture (only a copy is required)
Proof of address (utility bill, bank statement)

How long does it take to incorporate an International Business Company (IBC)?

An IBC can be incorporated in less than 24 hours if the company name is available. Please allow up to seven working days for documents to be sent out. However, documents may be obtained more quickly via the use of a courier, but extra charges will be incurred.

What method of payment is accepted?

Payment by bank transfer only.

Can you assist in opening a correspondent bank account with SWIFT facilities?

We are not allowed to assist clients in obtaining financial services or bank accounts.

Are deposits for due diligence refundable?

No we use credit reference agencies and Due Diligence specialist who charge us for this information.

Can we visit Anjouan?

Yes – Anjouan is safe to visit, our offices will assist in hotel reservation and flight transfers, to Anjouan.